Make daylight savings work by switching to a daytime cleaning regime

Monday, March 26, 2018

As the clocks go forward, we all enjoy the benefits of a few more hours of daylight during the spring and summer seasons. At this time of year, key account manager at Robert Scott, Kelly Brierley, considers how using a microfibre system could help your business make the switch to a daytime cleaning routine.One of the many challenges service contractors and cleaners face with a daytime cleaning regime is how to minimise disruption to the working day of employees and customers, while ensuring that cleaning performance and productivity is maintained without compromising the safety and wellbeing of occupants and staff.

For most businesses the main task is to clean floors and hard surfaces and, in busy environments such as retail outlets, healthcare facilities and restaurants, ensure that any spillages or dirt caused by heavy footfall can be quickly and effectively cleared without closing sections of the building or business.

This is where the benefits of microfibre mopping systems and cloths come into their own. As one of the first companies to introduce microfibre products to the UK’s janitorial sector over 20 years ago, we have long been an admirer of microfibre’s capabilities. We are encouraged by the increased use of these products to help companies adhere to the demands of sustainability and the environmental concerns associated with our industry.

Microfibre mops and cloths clean surfaces without the use of chemicals, meaning cleaners can use more environmentally-friendly methods, dramatically reduce costs and, in a daytime cleaning context, eliminate the need for chemicals and large quantities of water in busy environments.

The benefits of microfibre cleaning products

Daytime cleaning requires both a planned maintenance programme and protocol for environments where a rapid cleaning response is required for heavily trafficked areas. By using microfibre mopping systems such as the Microspeedy Mop System designed specifically for rapid response cleaning, businesses can ensure that floors are kept clean, dry and safe, while equipping cleaners with the tools to react quickly with the minimum amount of disruption, creating a more positive experience for staff.

When it comes to daytime cleaning, the most significant benefit is that microfibre enables cleaning without the need for noisy machinery such as vacuums and polishers. Microfibre mops and cloths can be washed and re-used many times over and, as they do not require the use of chemical cleaning agents, they are much safer to use and have been proven to remove over 99.9% of dirt and bacteria while traditional systems often only remove 60%.

Businesses where excess surface water is a potential hazard could benefit hugely from implementing a daytime cleaning regime using microfibre as hard surfaces that are cleaned with a damp microfibre mop pad dry in approximately two minutes, whereas a traditional cotton mop could take upwards of 10 minutes.

Microfibre is both quiet and unobtrusive, making it an ideal product for daytime cleaning as it allows businesses to operate a strategic cleaning programme without any major disruption. The requirement for less water use with microfibre helps to significantly reduce slip-hazard areas for staff and customers, and also greatly reduces the amount of time flooring needs to be out of use for cleaning, which is imperative during the daytime.