Videos to help you clean

Monday, September 9, 2019

Pro-mist mop
Introducing the innovative Pro-mist mop, featuring a removable bottle and a spray trigger which delivers a fine mist of solution directly to the cleaning surface, helping you to clean and dry floors quickly without the need for excessive water or chemical agents.


Duop Reach
Watch a demo of the microfibre Duop Reach cleaning tool from Robert Scott, which removes the strain of cleaning with a telescopic pole and ergonomic ball and socket joint.

Microspeedy kit
The Microspeedy kit is a professional quality, complete flat mopping system which enables easier, faster and more effective cleaning, especially in high traffic environments where surfaces need to be cleaned and dried quickly.

Toucan Eco bio-cleaning
Is chemically-free possible? it is now with Toucan Eco bio-cleaning.

In a series of tech talks, Professor Darren Reynolds lifts the lid on the science, sanitising performance and sustainability of electrochemical activated solutions (ECAs).

And this is pretty helpful too.

Printed spray bottles
Have your own colourful design screen printed onto your personalised spray bottles onto either a 600ml or 750ml bottle using our design, screen production and printing service. We offer a one-stop bottle printing solution from artwork creation, screen exposure, colour mixing to bottle printing and dispatch. And with up to four colour artwork, this is a cost-effective way to promote your business, user instructions or safety advice about the contents of the bottle.

The Robert Scott story
After more than 90 years of serious cleaning know-how you don’t get to where we are today by standing still.